Bitter gourd diabetes

Bitter gourd is commonly known bitter melon , karela . Bitter gourd does not  only have health benefits on diabetes but it is  also helpful  in lowering down the bad cholesterol levels in your body . Bitter gourd is rich in important nutrients like iron , vitamin A and C which are useful to make you look younger and also have good benefits on skin too .

I know right now you are thinking of  bitter taste of karela or bitter gourd , that’s correct its bitter but if perfectly served with spices its bitterness will become delicious to your taste buds .

Nutritional value of bitter gourd

According to USDA,100 gm of bitter gourd contains 34 calories , 0.2 gm of total fat , 13mg of sodium , 602mg of potassium , 7 gm of total carbohydrate , 3.6 gm of protein , and important one is it is rich in vitamin A & C .

Parents are always right

Remember, your parents oftenly used to say that eating bitter gourd is good for health and also helps in boosting your immune system  , and you always were like uhhhh gourd and its bitter taste . But as we know at last after getting experience parents are always right ,  bitter gourd has alot of health benefits which are beyond the levels you think .
And i personally recommend  that if   you or any one in your family  is diabetic than bitter gourd is  a wonder superfood for  you and your dear ones  .

Now, lets find out  how to make bitter gourd masala recipe :-

Check list or ingredients needed

1. Bitter gourd (karela )       500 gm      ( 1 bitter gourd iss app. 100-120 gm )
2. Onion                               2 medium sized
3. Green chilli                      4

4. Mustard seeds                  1/2 tbs
5. Fenugreek seeds              1/2 tbs
6. Red chilli powder            1 tbs (as per taste you want to make it spicy or not )
7. turmeric                           1/2 tbs
8. coriander powder             2 tbs
9. salt                                   as per taste

bitter gourd diabetes

Now here is the step by step game plan  –

Step 1. 
wash bitter gourd  and peel of them . slit it vertically and remove seeds in bitter gourd , hollow bitter gourd perfectly because in next steps you will stuff them with masala .
NOTE – keep removed seeds aside ,they will be needed for stuffing because it has good property of antidiabetic .

Step 2 .  
Now sprinkle salt on hollow bitter gourd and keeb them on resting for 2hours . it will help in shading away the bitter taste of bitter gourd .

Step 3.
Now , time to fire up . Take a pan and pour mustard oil in it and heat up,  after heating it pour half tbs fenugreek seeds and mustard seeds in it .cook for a minute , when you get that crackling sound and and the seeds become some brownish , then proceed to next step .

Step 4. 
Add finely chopped onions in it and cook until they turned too pink . Now add finely cutted green chilli in it , red chilli powder , sal as per your taste , turmeric in it .
Add chopped bitter gourd seeds in it also which were kept safely aside .
Cook for a while and turned of the flame . let the mixture turned to cool .

Step 5. 
Take the hollow bitter gourd and wash them which were sprinkled with salt .
And fil or stuff  the mixture in them , and finally tie , the bittter gourd end to end with thread .

Bitter gourd diabetes

Step 6 . 
Final step , take another pan heat up some mustard oil in it and place all of the tied bitter gourd in it . Now cook them on a medium flame until they become brown . when nbitter gourd turned brown in colour , off the flame .  your bitter gourd masala dish is ready .

After this you will not feel the bitter taste of karela .

Do not forget to reward yourself 

Now clap for yourself and give yourself a refreshment with bitter groud masala  .
and Serve this delicious hot bitter gourd masala dish to your dear ones which are affected with diabetes .

Written by Dr. Sandeep Dhiman (ayurveda consultant )
Special thanks to Dr. Priyanka

For any query or consultation mail us at [email protected] , will help you to manage your blood sugar level with ayurveda . 




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