Prediabetes is a state  in which the blood glucose levels are raised above than normal but its not upto much level to be  finally diagnosed with  diabetes but , can we reverse prediabetes naturally thats the main thing . and how much chances are there to  reverse prediabetes .
For example prediabetes is like a condition  in which  a thief i.e diabetes is on the door of your house and is step away to enter your house i.e your whole body system .
Once he  enters your house i.e your body and you are just sleeping and not much attentive  he will take out what he wants and  make your house looks ugly or he  can also   kill you .
If there is much security ( your diet and life style) on the door  then how can thief (diabetes) enter your house (your body ). You can simply resist the attack from him .
Diagnostic criteria for prediabetes is not uniform across various intrernational organizations
,the world health organsation has defined prediabetes as state of intermediate hyperglycemia using two speicific parameters :
1. fasting plasma glucose (FPG) – 6.1-6.9mmol/ml (110-125mg/dl)
2. impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) – 7.8-11.0 mmol/l (140-200mg/dl)

But beside this american diabetes association has added one more criteria i.e
3. HBA1C – 5.7-6.4%for definition of prediabetes .

Although several studies shows poor correlation between these three criteria i.e IGT , FPG , HBA1C .

Now, ask some questions to yourself ? to know you have prediabetes or not :

1. Do you sweat more from last few months ?
2. Is there any foul smelling from your body ? 
3. Do you feel any tiredness(physically or mentally) than usually  ?
4. Or you are loving to be at rest every time & you  feel sleepiness whole day from few months ?
5. Do you love to eat  cold products than usually ?
6. Do you feel hungrier than usually  or loosing weight despite eating more ? 
7. Or you are feeling that the taste of your mouth is getting sweeter than usuall? 
8. Are you going to bathroom much frequently from last few days or months ?

9. Do you feel any burning sensation at your sole of feet or palms of hands ?
10 First time  you noticed that where you urinate the ants are sticking to them ?

So, what was your score ? and what are your chances to reverse prediabetes. 


If some of the answers of yours are yes then as i said in example above you are on the door of house of prediabetes  . Now its in your hand whether you want to enter it or you wanna take 180 degree turn and want to  go  back to your normal life .

and there are 100 percent of chances of reversing prediabetes naturally .

Before getting toquestion how to  reverse prediabetes naturally  first check what are some of the causative  and  risk factors of prediabetes

Causative and risk factors of prediabetes

  • Weight – weight is one of the most important factor in causing prediabetes . if you are over weight i.e a body mass index (BMI) of more than 25 , so called obese , then  you are at higher risk of developing diabetes from prediabetes . according to ayurveda its increase in meda (fat) dhatu  which causes over weight i.e fat on your abdomen mostly and thus weight is one of the higher risk factor of prediabetes .
  • Hereditary  – when the diabetic gene is inherited in your family member in  past or present , then you  can easily develop diabetes . 
  • Lack of physical workout – if you are eating too much , and getting obese and does not bother to get from your easy chair . then you doesn’t have control on your blood sugar and poor pancreas will finds it difficult to control blood sugar . 
  • No diet control – when you are not managing your and kept on eating junk , packed foods , & increasing calorie intake , taking much dairy products which are made up of milk . It will  at the end definitely give you a unwanted gift i.e prediabetes then soon will be converted to diabetes  .
  • Poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) – due to insulin resistance cysts are formed in the ovaries which collectively known to be pcos . if you are having pcos it means you are having insulin resistance to due to it , which will develop prediabetes easily . 
  • Hypertension , Dyslipidemia , Cardiovascular disease – these are vice versa condition once you have HTN , dearranged lipid profile , any cardiac disease you are prone to develop prediabetes . one more condition i.e hypothyroidism .
  • Alcohol and smoking – two of the other factors which fastly causes disease like prediabetes , Hypertension, cardiovascular disease . 



1. Reverse prediabetes with your diet

you should have proper control on your diet . you should not            eat whole grain wheat products only because wheat  contains glutin , and glutin in last after going in pancreas mantains the prediabetes . Whether you are doing much exercise and giving your 100 percent to reverse pre diabetes but you had not control over your diet and you are just on eating whole wheat grain products , white flour  then you your all of the efforts are waste . Instead of wheat use use multi grain made products which are blended mixture of grains . A proper diet plan should be there made by a registered dietician with in knowledge to dietician  of your physical work , and what you like to eat . If you want to be prepared your proper diet plan for reversing prediabetes then contact us at our mail [email protected] . You should add green leafy vegetables to your diet and some fruits too .  

2. Loose weight – If you are obese , loosing weight can be basic thing for reversing  prediabetes. Get your BMI to normal that is under 25 and try to keep it their mainly by eating less and working more. Many of the studies done by american diabetes association shows  that by controling weight one can control his or  her blood sugar levels to normal . One of the study published in pub med  showed that for every 1 kg decrease in weight, the risk of developing diabetes in future was reduced by 16% . If you are thin and you have much lower BMI then you need special diet plan and come to normal mark of BMI then try to adjust your sugar levels . In ayurveda udvartan i.e scrubing of the whole body is improtant factor for loosing weight it can be done either with triphla powder mixed with luke warm seasome oil.


3. Physical work out . With  doing exercise your body consume glucose , and make your body less insulin resistane which is a good thing  . If you do morning  walk for 1 hour daily  , you have spent 350 calories and its enough to prevent prediabetes to show its powers .

4.Eating habit  – take small feed at small interval of time like some of small animals do . So , eating must be small at a given time and more number of times in a day likely 6 small meals a day . So hunger cannot bother you again and again .  and do not take rice and wheat at same time it will increase the sugar levels . 
5. Fasting–  According to ayurveda langhnam  i.e fasting therapy is best therapy for much of the disease like cancer too . fasting will help to lower down the sugar levels . NOTE – if you are on any of OHA (oral hypoglycemic agents ) then before taking medicine for diabetes check your sugar levels when you are on fasting therapy . What fasting do : energy consumed in digesting  food or what you eat in whole day at night is too much high but when you are on fasting therapy whole day (means you have taked much low diet ) then low energy will be consumed for digestion. but energy will be used in for other attacks occuring in the body by own cells or foreign body to save the healthy cells . but it should be done in medical supervision so it can helpful in reverse prediabetes naturally . 
  • According to an article written in NEJM (new england journal of medicine) there is a reduction much reduction in diabetes by lifestyle improvement than taking metformin for is that article               I know the western medicines are important to take when blood sugar are on higher levels … but many  of the drugs are not good for long run . Even when you take medicine i.e OHA you just rely on them only your own efforts are zero which will create disease a much stronger than before because your immune system is on lower because you does keep him on work . 
  • Every day taking organic amla (phyllanthus emblica) juice or in powder form will help  in prevention of diabetes and can help in reverse prediabetes . same as amla , moong (green gram ) if you add this to your diet it will also help in preventing diabetes and also helpful in revering prediabetes . you can make moong (green gram) khichdi which has many benefits in our body easy to digest too .   
  • Also eat bitter gourd once weekly or twice weekly it will help in strengthening your pancreas and also helps in lowering sugar levels , check out below link for making delicious masala recipe .   BITTER GOURD KARELA MASALA DELICIOUS RECIPE FOR DIABETES
    reverse prediabetes

6. Mind relaxation – mental relaxation can be achieved by yoga and meditation , it is as important to keep sugar control as are all other factors . so add mind relaxing techniques  to your  lifestyle too . and quit smoking and dont drink alcohol if you are on it , it will not help in reversing  prediabetes .  it work as a catalyst as like in chemical reaction of prediabetes to diabetes final product . Regular massage your whole body with lukewarm seasome oil , it will help in strengthening of muscle , also gives you a relaxed feeling and will help in reverse prediabetes natrally .

7. Purification of body – what you do when your vehicle is not runing properly you go to service station , same is in case of your body , you only take work from your body not you give proper rest and proper servicing to your body . In ayurveda there is procedure called shodhana which means purification of body which is done thorugh some procedures (panchkarma) . 

NOTE -: If you are prediabetic you should check your fasting sugar levels daily . and if they are on higher side means above the levels of prediabetes then should consult your Doctor . 

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WRITTEN BY :                 Dr. SANDEEP DHIMAN                 
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