Juvenile diabetes (IDDM) : causes , symptoms and management

juvenile diabetes

Juvenile diabetes is a type of diabetes in which no insulin or very low amount of insulin is produced by pancreas . Also known as type 1 diabetes or comoonly known as insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM). Basically its an autoimmune condition in which immune system attacks the beta cells totally which produce insulin in pancreas . No exact cause for juvenile diabetes is found till now some are there or as per modern medicine if they dont know the cause its called idiopathic .

Now lets first find out the known causes for Type 1 diabetes .

What are the causes of juvenile diabetes ?

1. Genetics :

Genetic factors account for about one third of the susceptibility to type 1 diabetes , the inheritence of which is polygenic . According to research over 20 different regions of human genome show some linkage to type 1 diabetes or juvenile diabetes but more focus is on HLA region of which the locus is now referred to be as IDDM1 .

The region of insulin gene on chromosome 11 p , now designated as IDDM2 is also linked with type 1 diabetes . Other weaker diabetes susceptibility loci include IDDM 3 , IDDM4 , IDDM5 which lie on chromosomes 15 q , 11 q and 6 q respectively , but their gene products and

2. Environmental factors :

Although genetic factors appears to be a major cause for development of type 1 diabetes , the consistency rate between monozygotic twins is less than 40%, and environmental factors plays an important role in promoting clinical expression of the disease .

Now i will discuss about these different environmental factors which plays important role in clinical expression of juvenile diabetes .

(a). Viruses :

I know you are thinking the viruses can it be yeh it can plays a importnat role in clinicla expression . and some studies have shown up that virus particles known to cause autoimmune damage to beta cells of pancreas . Several viruses have been detected , including infection with mumps , coxsackie B4 , retro virus , rubella virus they can induce type 1 diabetes .

(b). Diet :

Dietary factors , at least in certain circumstances , influence the development of juvenile diabetes . Bovine serum albumin (BSA) , a major constituent of cow’s milk has been found in triggering the type 1 diabetes . Thats the fact , its been shown that children who are given cows milk early in infancy are more likely to develope type 1 diabetes than those who are breast fed . So , you please don’t feesd your infant cow’s milk whole life is there for him/her to drink cow milk .

BSA may cross the neonatal gut and raise antibodies . 

Various nitrosamines ( found in smoked and cured meats )and cofee have been proposed as potentially diabetogenic factors . In susceptible animals like diabetes prone BB rats , various dietary protein (gluten) may be essential for the expression of clinical type 1 diabetes .


(c). Stress : As you know its the major factor in most of the disease , so how it can be far away from type 1 diabetes causes . stress may progress the development of juvenile diabetes by stimulating the secretion of counter – regulatory hormones and possibly modulating immune activity .


Family studies have produce evidence that destruction of insulin – secreting cells in the pancreatic islets takes place over many years . Hyperglycemia accompanied by classical symptoms of diabetes occurs only when 90% of beta cells are destroyed . So next time dont thought that its 1 day process it takes many years to destroy 90% of beta cells of pancreas .

What are the symptoms of juvenile diabetes ?

There are many sign and symptoms of juvenile diabetes common of them are increased urination , thirst ,dry mouth , increased hunger and weight loss too .

Depression is another sign of type 1 diabetes , its about 12 % of juvenile diabetic people who have depression

in juvenile diabetes there is commonly seen celiac disease but no digestive symptoms are found .

Many of peoples are diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when ther is diabetoc ketoacidosis which is a complication of diabetes . The symptoms of ketoacidosis are dry skin , drowsiness , increased respiration rate , vomitng , abdominal pain .

Now the interesting one is Alopecia areata , it’s seen that type 1 diabetes is more in the families which have issues of alopecia areata .

Management of juvenile diabetes

Insulin :

Insulin is the main management for type 1 diabetes but it should be used in proper manner and before taking it regular sugar should be checked . Because hypoglycemia can occur due to prolonged use of insulin . And there are much side effects too . but its a fact there is no other main line of treatment for juvenile diabetes . You should carefully managed insulin dosing by contacting your family doctor . Monitoring of insulin is important . YOU SHOULD KNOW THE SIGNS OF HYPOGLYCEMIA .

Diet and lifestyle :


Eat less carb diet , following ayurveda lifestyle can help in as supportive management for juvenile diabetes . but diet should be followed and then insulin dosing should also be correctly followed after checking blood sugar .

Regular yoga and exercise can also help in management of juvenile diabetes . refer this https://diabocure.com/blog/8-best-yoga-poses-for-diabetes/

According to ayurveda immunity booster tonics , powder of amla , triphala many other rasayana therapies are there which can correct immunity can help in supporting role with insulin .

Pancreas transplantation or beta cell transplantation for juvenile diabetes .

Last but not the least motivation and positive thinking is the main management of any autoimmune disease .For,inspiring story of type 1 diabetic person read this :https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/diagnosed-with-type-1-diabetes-at-age-8-meant-growing-up-quickly/2019/07/05/86b35750-78d8-11e9-b7ae-390de4259661_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.d0cc6c9652e2



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