Fasting blood sugar level : Things your doctor will never tell you about FBS .


Fasting blood sugar is one of the main diagnostic method for confirming that you have diabetes or not . Today , alot of physician diagnose diabetes on basis of fasting blood sugar level and if its slightly high , doctors start the OHA medicine . They not even tell you how you can reverse it with naturally diet by cuting carbs from you diet , some exercise , remedies with ayurveda . No, they just give you the medicine and say go and take this medicine for rest of your life . And what are the medicines , OHA oral hypoglycemic agents .

I will tell you , What is the fasting blood sugar normal range and level . And when should you start taking medicine and Also how to reverse it with ayurveda ?

What is Fasting period of your body ?

You are empty stomach like wise in the morning you wake up its your fasting period . As whole night you have not eaten any thing . Thats the fasting period of you . Basically ,the metabolic state achieved after complete digestion and absorption of meals , that state is known to be as fasting stage .

What is blood sugar ?

Blood sugar is the amount of sugar content present in your blood in blood vessels . Blood sugar also known as blood glucose. And near about 4 gram of glucose is present in about 70 kg person. Glucose stored in form of glycogen in skeltal muscle and liver cells. Blood glucose maintained in constant state if an individual is in fasting period .

There are two types of antagonist metabolic hormones which affects blood glucose level –

  1. catabolic hormones – glucagon , cortisol , catecholamines which use to increase blood sugar level
  2. anabolic hormones – insulin which use to lower down blood sugar level .

Why fasting blood sugar is checked to diagnose diabetes ?

See what you have eaten last night it will be digested and sugar will be in your blood is in higher range after eating . and after which you have not eaten something only you have slept and a proper digetion has been gone in a normal individual . As you know glucose that means sugar gives us energy that body needs .All of the energy that produced by sugar not consumed once only . Insulin , what it does is that Insulin break down the sugar and store the energy in body for later work on .

And in fasting period you can know that how is your Insulin responsing to your sugar level . If the fasting blood sugar levels are in normal range it means that insulin is doing great stuff or normal working in body and storing energy for working of your whole day process in body . No issues are there like of insulin resistance or something like of no secretions of insulin if fasting blood sugar is in normal range .

Fasting blood sugar is also used to check the results of different medication prescribed in diabetics , and dietary changes results in recently diagnosed diabetes. Also read article on diabetes diagnose by mayo clinic .


Fasting blood sugar level range according to WHO

  • If fasting blood sugar level is less than 100mg/dL (5.6mmol/L) then considered to be as fasting blood sugar normal .
  • If fasting blood sugar levels are 100mg/dl to 125mg/dl then its diagnosed as prediabetes . Also read How to reverse prediabetes naturally .
  • If fasting blood sugar level is more than 126 mg/dl then individuall is considere to be as diabetic .

Impaired fasting blood sugar level according to WHO 1999 are : > 6.1mmol/L i.e 110mg/dl to <7.0mmol/L i.e 126mg/dl .

Also read for reference NCBI article on blood clinical methods .

NOTE: In my opinion after seeing the todays lifestyle i never recommend my patient to take medicine if their fasting blood suar level are upto 130 to 135 mg/dl. . In this condition i recommend my patients to change there lifestyle .

Not only reading will help, so start following ayurveda from today :

If your blood sugar is also in the range of 130 mg/dl start focsing on your diet , and change your lifestyle . I guaranted you if you follow proper ayurveda diet and lifestyle you will not need OHA or insulin as they will give side effect .

Herbs can play much better role in managing diabetes , prediabetes .

And if blood sugar is not controlled with it then one should start taking insulin &OHA but i think if one is ready to follow ayurveda then you can easily manage your blood sugar .

See the fact is you doesn’t need of blood sugar to controlled in normal range you are just fooled by your medicos . Main thing is that your body should be good , you should be energetic , your capillaries should be pulsating means a proper blood flow should be there . In simple manner dont worry if your blood sugar is in range of less than 135 mg/dl in fasting stage . Worry will make you more tensed and which will higher your blood sugar levels which will create more complications .

Yoga , panchkarma procedure (detocification) , ayurveda ancestoral diet can easily reverse it .

What will happen if you start taking the modern medicine in prediabetic stage . your blood sugar will be in normal range but your inner immunity will weaken and you will be prone to many disease . See thats disease mongary . the pill which subside one disease and allevate other disease to come then why to take that modern pill.

If ayurveda can easily manage this silent killer disease.

I know moden medicine like metformin , glimiperide are of much used when the blood sugar is not controlled by natural ways and fafsting state sugar is not exceeded by 135 mg/dl . Or you can start taking OHA and side by side can make changes to your lifestyle changes and take ayurveda drugs too for long term action .

Start Drinking this ayurvedic decoction daily & reverse your prediabetes

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How to check your fasting blood sugar level :

There are 3 ways to check your fasting blood sugar range :

  • Routine blood check up : A lab tester will take your blood sample empty stomach and he will check your blood sugar range at fasting state. He will also take another sample after you eat your breakfast which will he test for Post prandial & random blood sugar level .

  • By glucometer finger prick test : This can be done at home by an individual by a glucometer . Its a small procedure to test your fasting sugar level at home .
    • first you need to open the box of glucometer and prepare a testing strip and glucometer ready or on for blood sugar test .
    • Next step is clean your fingertip , probably side of the finger tip with alcohol swab .
    • Now , give a sharp scratch or prick according to your skin thickness with the help of lancet . Note : the needle you used in lancet should be new not reused .
    • Squeeze the testing area , blood will let out and touch strip attached with glucometer on blood .
    • Record the time , and blood sugar range .

Now you will need a glucometer , see i personally recommend by patient to use Glucometer of dr. morepen brand , You can easily assess it , and easy to use also , and its the best and cheap in market available . majorly the blood sugar tested by glucometer is not much accurate , there is a margin of errors .

It also gives you free lancets and pen , and 50 strips with glucometer if you buy it from below link .

Below is the link you can easily buy from there with great discount i also buyed from this link :

First link is for indian users and second one is for USA buyers .

  • CGM (continuous glucose monitoring ): it is used for continuous glucose monitoring who are more prone of hypoglycemia with OHA . CGM can be more accurate levels at different time also your fasting state blood sugar level .

Important Note for fasting blood sugar levels :

See only FBS levels can’t diagnose you are diabetic . there are some other tests too which will help like :


OGTT oral glucose tolerance test

not only test your symptoms also need to verify that you have diabetes , prediabetes , complicated diabetes .

in some patients symptoms comes on first stage , but in some symptoms comes when diabetes is on complicated stage

For you i will write in depth article for the test being done like HBA1C, OGTT , other test too , to confirm diabetes .

You can make contact with us or take your first consultation free at diabocure . feel free to contact at [email protected]

Disclaimer : always seek consultation from your Doctor before using anything .



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