is one of the silent killer disease in world .  Alot of diabetes affected patient takes diabetes home remedies but they are unable to get proper results because they are not taking it in proper manner and proper quantity ,most of the home remedies are unresearched and not clinically trialed .

Most of the researcher publish that in upcoming years india will become the diabetes capitol ,and its becoming too .According to reports in US , 50 percent of peoples are diabetic or prediabetic . 

So most of the countries are getting this disease silently and killing most of the peoples .
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Here are 10 researched and trialed  diabetes home remedies in 2019 :- 

1 . Jamun (syzigium cumini) :  

 According to some of clinical trials conducted on diabetic patients it seems that jamun has antihyperglycemic activity . Seeds and jamun fruit  extracts were studied on rats in trials which results in reducing blood glucose levels in normal and hyperglycemic rats . 

Study shows that seeds of jamun helps in reducing more glucose and also helps in improving insulin levels than the fruit extracts of jamun . 

So , seeds of the jamun can be taken in powder form which you can easily make at home . and you can get perfect diabetes home remedies . 

2. Bitter gourd (karela) :

Bitter gourd or karela contains 3 phytochemicals which are responsible in reducing blood sugar levels i.e charantin , polypeptide- B , vicine . according to studies published on NCBI site bitter gourd helps in rejunevating pancreatic cells , and also helps insulin resistance . 

Consuming bitter gourd juice  or bitter gourd masala dish weekly is best . 

check out  the bitter gourd masala recipe here :BITTER GOURD (KARELA) MASALA DELICIOUS RECIPE FOR DIABETES

3. Fenugreek seeds  : 

According to one research done by NCBI in collaboration with ICMR it seems in results that fenugreek seeds consumed as supplemet by prediabetic patients can preven becoming them diabetic . This effect is due to alkaloids which are present in fenugreek seeds . and seeds increase the insulin levels in body which finally helps in reducing blood sugar levels. Not only sugar levels it also reduces LDL level without affecting good cholesterol HDL levels .  

You can take fenugreek seeds in powder form not more than 10 g /day . 

Fenugreek water – soak fenugreek seeds in water for whole night and drink empty stomach in morning , it has much more benefits too helps in joints pain too . 

4. Aloe vera :

Aloe vera you know much benefits of this plant and it is normally finds in every one home and uses in much of home remedies. Study shows it also have effect on diabetes as it contains lectin , mannans . Aloe vera is also helpful in decreased swelling and healing injuries faster . and as you know diabetic foot and ulcers as complication of diabetes , so aloe vera can help out in them too . 

Consume aloe vera juice daily empty stomach it will not only effect your raised sugar levels also will brighten your skin and make you look younger .

5 . Amla (Emblicca officinalis ) :

Now  a days ayurveda is growing internationally on its peak , and no one is unaware of this herb or fruit its a gem for people. according to university of maryland medical center amla helps in preventing pancreatitis . pancreas is the organ which secretes insulin . amla also have antilipidemic effect , antihyperglycemic effect , and antiinflammatory effect too . 

consume fresh fruit of amla with water , or you can also take amla juice empty stomach mixing it aloe vera juice its a rejunevating drink . 

6 . Triphala :

consuming triphala powder daily makes you healthier and also prevent you from various disease too . In ayurveda it is mentioned as rasayana drug which helps in looking you younger and makes your internal organ also younger which means that makes organ working smooth and perfect . 

Take triphala tablet or in powder form twice a day . 

7. okra :

Studies have confirmed okra as a potent antidiabetic food . In one study, published 2011 in the Journal of Pharmacy & BioAllied Sciences, researchers in India found that diabetic mice fed dried and ground okra peels and seeds experienced a reduction in their blood glucose levels, while others showed a gradual decrease in blood sugar following regular feeding of okra extract for about ten days.

other then research, peoples have notice reduction in their sugar levels after soaking cut okra pieces in water for full night and drink it empty stomach . infact in turkey roasted okra seeds are being used as traditional medicine for daibetes . 

8. Cinnamon :

A study published in diabetes care journal suggests that cinnamon bark helps in improving blood glucose and lipid levels in type 2  diabetes patient.

1 to 6 gm of cinnamon bark powder can be consumed daily .

or can be consumed as decoction .

9. Garlic (Allium sativum ) 

Recent studies on garlic have find out that this herb has some miraculous effects . it has antioxidant property , microcirculatory effect which helpful for our cardiovasular system . it also reduces the bloood sugar by increasing insuling and delaying the degradation of insulin . Limited studies are available for that needs much work on garlic . 

10. Regular exercise and hydration:

Regular exercising  can prevent diabetes much of researches have finally said that . even normal morning walk is much helpful in diabetes . this is included as diabetes home remedies because you can do it at home just you have to add it in your lifestyle daily . 

And finally its hydration of your body which is much needed in diabetes patient . And in ayurveda context a special type of water is made by soaking  some herbs over night and drink it on next whole day . for preparation mail us at [email protected]. or contact on CONTACT US .




Make sure that before using any herbal remedies contact your doctor  or for consultations mail us at [email protected]



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